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workout for 31214 wednesday

Workout for 4/23/14

Hey mamas, don't tucker out quite yet.  It is Wednesday and it is all down hill from here!  Keep it strong, find that 30 minutes and get that workout

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Sometimes you need a different view to make a change.

I love going on vacation!  The planning, prepping and then, most of all, the change of scenery!  I love homeschooling and being home with my girls but

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Books I’m Reading


My Final Thoughts On Desperate

{This post may contain affiliate links.  Thank you for supporting my site.} Oh this book, this book was AMAZING!  The words on the pages could have come straight out of my journal.  It truly was so impactful to me as a mama.  I love how the book encourages women to have friends and to seek […]

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Healthy Recipes


Healthy Chocolate Fudge

Like my peanut butter fudge, this recipe is not only easy, but yummy and healthy.  It is definitely a hit and with the peanut butter fudge it makes a

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Keeping it Real


I need to vent!

I am busy.  Every mama is busy.  I went on vacation.   To my favorite place in the whole world...San Diego.  I was in a house, on the beach.  I could

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Weekly Menu


Weekly Menu for the Week 4/21/14

Happy Monday mamas!  I love being able to have my menu ready to go.  After a week on vacation and eating out, let’s say a few pounds have crept in and I am ready to get back to my healthy eating.  To help me, I will be doing my Shakeology every morning for breakfast.  I […]

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