My Homeschool Room

This is where we do school.  I really wanted an amazing space for my girls to not only learn, but to inspired.  I love this space.  It is really my favorite space in the whole house.  Everything is organized and in its place.    There are maps on the wall, globes from the ceiling, coloring pages, markers, crayons, books, everything they need to be creative and active.

 homeschool room1

The furniture in the room is from IKEA.  Now, before this room, I NEVER had been to IKEA.  I know crazy!  I haven’t been back since, though I totally could.  The armoire is something I have had for many years and just seemed to fit.  I keep all my files and workbooks in there.


homeschool room2

I love the maps.  My girls are always looking at these maps and asking questions.  It makes for great conversation.  Especially because the one of the solar system has millions of years and we were able to take the time and compare it to God’s Word.  It was fun.

There are so many great rooms out there, just find inspiration for what works for you.  I didn’t just run out, but really thought about how we school and what will work for  us.



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  1. Love the idea of a square desk in the middle of the room. I’ve looked everywhere for one, including IKEA, but can’t seem to find what I’m looking for. Is your square table top one piece or is it two pieces put together? Great job on the room.

    • Thank you so much. It is 2 Linmon table top pieces. I did get the ones that are coated somewhat like a dry erase board so my littles can color safely and with a Magic Eraser, it wipes amazingly clean. The underneath storage is Alex and I purchase 4 of those to hold up the 2 tabletops. We are going on 2 years with them and it is holding up great!

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