Breakfast for a Hardworking Man

loving our husbands bagel cream cheese turkey

My husband is amazing. He is a super hard worker.  He works long days and weeks.  His job is demanding and stressful.  I am so thankful he goes out for us as a family and works hard so I can stay home and homeschool my children.

Each morning, I strive to make him breakfast.  Most of the time it is the same, but I am thankful that he isn’t too picky.

He loves a bagel with cream cheese and turkey and his Spark.  He hates coffee and loves me in spite of my love for coffee.

If your husband is goes off to work, this is such an expression of love for them.  Even your children can make him something yummy and easy that he can take with him out the door.

If he leaves too early, perhaps a snack bag, or a note of love.  Let’s make sure we are loving on our husbands, letting them know how much we love them and appreciate them.

Do you make your husband breakfast in the morning?  Does he eat at home with you or on the go? 

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  1. My husband of 32+ years and I work from home when we’re not flying to some other Pacific island. (We live in Manila.) He loves a morning cup o’ Dunkin, light and sweet. Occasionally he wants brunch consisting of an egg and toast. All this he would cheerfully prepare for himself, but when I do it, I always receive gratitude and appreciation. I’m so very blessed!


  2. When I was a kid my Dad left work at 5:00 am. My mom was up with him and made him a hot breakfast, just like she did us before school. It was such obvious sacrificial love. I think about that sometimes as I cook breakfast for my girls.

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